S 411

CLUBOVKA … or one of the most famous and best selling club chairs in the world, known as S411, which has been produced by legendary Thonet brand since 1932 ...
S 411 was special as it has enriched the series of console furniture with the elegant easy-chair, which was not available on the market until then.
The idea behind CLUBOVKA is to introduce significant figures of contemporary world architecture, design and arts – the people living their rich lives in an absolute and permanent creative storm, desire and passion... Clubovka is place freed of "ISMS", of professional criticism; it is above all about a MAN, HIS/HER dreams, about opinions, and about his/her motivation, about a thought... CLUBOVKA as an club of architects and fans of architecture and design was established in 2002 and it emerged due to a need TO MEET each other, share opinions, ideas, information, and to engage in club discussions about architecture and design. Clubovka started in Slovakia in 2002 as an informal meeting of friends of architecture and design. It is the place where you can share knowledge and ideas and meet other like-minded individuals in a relaxed yet truly stimulating atmosphere. More than 90 Clubovka events have been hosted over the years, all featuring leading European figures from the fields of architecture, design and art. We are proud to stress that in 2007 CLUBOVKA was awarded the prize of Prof. MARTIN KUSY for its continuous and successful edification and promotion of architecture. The prize was also awarded to me as an individual…

...it all started with a THOUGHT about an empty space, where a lot of people, feelings, thoughts and...could fit in.
Perhaps you have noticed that, wherever you look, someone tries to trick you and win you over by empty delusion in various forms. You are offered bullshit you do not need, you're flooded with worthless information and stuffed with advertisement in a way which make most people forget what the real life is like. In the opposition to today's bullshit stands INSPIRATION, a kind of an essence of life full of well vibrating ENERGY. INSPIRATION is the life slumbered inside of us which we want to arouse
INSPIRATION does not need to be declared in legislation or pressed through the publicity grinder. It exists inside of things and people. It just needs to be revealed.
Yes – we, the people behind CLUBOVKA, want to help you reveal and arouse this INSPIRATION.
Pretavujeme nespornú energiu architektov, dizajnérov, fotografov, hudobníkov...
We are recasting the energy of architects, designers, photographers, musicians and – last but not least - our own energy which undoubtedly exists, turning it into a materialized INSPIRATION that EVERYONE can inhale deeply. You and us will then have a look at the CLUBOVKA script which we believe is a lot more than the mere event as, especially, it gives us all something immaterial – motivation, good spirit, joy, another energy to get up from the sofa and follow new thoughts. It gives INSPIRATION.


Tatiana Kollárová

photo: Nora a Jakub

Denisa Kollarová

She studied in Netherlands and graduated from The Gerrit Rietveld Academie with a degree in Graphic Design. Currently in Amsterdam, she is working on her own projects as well as collaborations.


He is currently based in Amsterdam where he in studied Fashion Design at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy.


Boris Kollar
Alexandra Kollarová

She finished her studies in Information and Communication in Copenhagen and Bordeaux where she currently continues her Master in Cultural and Intercultural Projects Management. At the same time, she collaborates on different cultural projects in France, Denmark and Slovakia. She is devoted to foreign languages.