Photo: Valentína Nídelová


At first glance insignificant details shape the uniqueness of our life. And we, in our work, look for the magic of these little things in ordinary things around us and in things that inspire us…
First independent projects of A1 architects date to the year 2003. Two years later a studio and a creative workshop are formed in Prague. Today this studio is built on the works of architects Lenka Křemenová and David Maštálka who initially studied together at the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague. In 2006 Marta Maštálková, the graphic designer, joined the group.
Interdisciplinary communication and searching for unique solutions are the main characteristics of our studio. All of our projects are solved in a complex way, starting with the whole concept and moving on to the interior details and design of utility objects.

  • Clubovka 01/12/2016, Bratislava
  • Guest Lenka Křemenová a David Maštálka
  • Studio A1 ARCHITECTS
  • City Praha
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