"The Nose" is a talent of Italian artistic perfumery. He was born to the butcher's family and spent part of his childhood in the gardens of his grandfather. Through the scents he found his way to express himself and his ideas. He is the mastermind behind the brands NASOMATTO and ORTO PARISI. To break out of the bottle, The Nose has been creating olfactory installations and other projects that bridge the gap between scents and other senses. "I start making something but at a certain point it starts making choices by itself."

THE NOSE - Searching for Blamage Alessandro Gualtieri is a rebel perfumer, who calls himself 'The Nose'. He wants to create his new perfume Blamage by abandoning all the common rules for designing perfumes. For inspiration he travels around the world, but the farther he goes, the more he seems to disrupt not only his environment but also himself. Will Blamage turn out to become the perfect mistake?

PAUL RIGTER is an actor and director, known for Crush (2006), Onderweg (2009) and The Nose - Searching for Blamage (2013) I initiate and direct my own film projects as well as projects on assignment with my company PLUGGIN' Creative Lab. The best thing about making films is I get to explore a whole new world over and over again.

  • Clubovka 15/11/2018, Bratislava
  • Guest Alessandro Gualtieri and Paul Rigter
  • Studio Nasomatto
  • City Amsterdam
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