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Adam Štěch has been active in the fields of design, architecture, fashion and graphic arts as a theoretician, journalist and curator since 2006. He is editor of Prague-based design magazine Dolce Vita and contributor for several international magazines including Wallpaper, Cool Hunting, Damn, A10, Mark, Frame and much more. He teaches at Scholastika in Prague.
OKOLO is a creative collective with a focus on design, architecture, art, style, fashion, and the entire scope of cultural city life which, thus, becomes the subject of our activities in design journalism, curatorial exhibitions, print publications and special projects and events through which we strive to collaborate with creative individuals from various fields a look for an unexpected way of presenting design and more. OKOLO was founded in 2009 and is run by graphic designers Matěj Činčera and Jan Kloss and curator Adam Štěch. The studio is based in Prague, Czech republic.

  • Clubovka 23/10/2019, Bratislava
  • Guest ADAM ŠTĚCH
  • Studio OKOLO
  • City Prague
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