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MONADNOCK « A time-lapse film tracks the evolution of a city over a period of a hundred years, revealing the fact that the urban fabric consists of elements that alter at different rates. The buildings change very slowly. They form static structures that are able to survive several eras, uses and trends. Buildings are slow and constitute the solid material of the city. Similar to a Monadnock, the type of mountain that is formed by the disappearance of all the surrounding material through a long process of erosion. Only the hardest rock remains. « MONADNOCK is a Rotterdam-based practice that produces architecture. MONADNOCK engages in the design, research, writing and making of discourses in the fields of architecture, urbanism, interior design and staging. The firm's work starts from the urban space of the city, through buildings that make streets, to the scale of the interior. MONADNOCK works around contemporary products, consciously embedding architecture in the cultural production of this generation. By exploring key themes such as contemporaneity and tradition, convention and banality, constructive logic and illusionary representation. MONADNOCK strives for an architecture that combines beauty, efficiency and the transfer of architectural knowledge. MONADNOCK was founded in 2006 and is currently run by Job Floris and Sandor Naus. Both were trained as interior and furniture designers during their studies at the Academy of Fine Arts St. Joost in Breda (NL) and subsequently received their Masters degree at the Academy of Architecture and Urbanism in Rotterdam and Tilburg, the Netherlands. MONADNOCK has received international acclaim for creating bespoke buildings, including distinctive housing developments and public buildings. These include a beach pavilion on the river Maas, Rotterdam (NL) a huge 'Make No Little Plans' installation and a Landmark - or watchtower - for the municipality of Nieuw Bergen (NL). A new visitor centre for the Hoge Veluwe National Park (NL) MONADNOCK is currently expanding its field of work across Europe.

  • Clubovka 13/04/2023, Bratislava
  • Guest Job Floris
  • Studio Monadnock
  • City Rotterdam, NL
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